Note coming from Pedro Fleitas Dai Shihan

Message from Sōke:
“At the Shidoshi-Kai yesterday Soke spoke about the True Treasures of the Bujinkan. He charged each and every Shidoshi, Shihan, Yusuu Shihan and especially the Dai-Shihan to abide by and pass on these 6 treasures.
Phil Legare.

Kihon Happo (the 8 foundational techniques, we must practice daily)
San Shin (GoGyo) (the 5 elemental techniques, we must practice daily)
3. 無刀捕
Muto Dori (disarming the armed opponent, disarming the person them self, this is part of the current theme this year)
4.空間 [くうかん] 押える [おさえる]
Control (control the space, control the opponent, this is part of the current theme this year, muto dori is a way to practice control)
5. 女の護身術 [ごしんじゅつ]
Women’s Self Defense (being able to control without the use of power, muto dori is a way to practice using no power, this is part of the current theme this year)
6. 共同体 [きょうどうたい]
Building relationships/communities in Budo (something we all must strive to do each and every day, especially the Bujinkan seniors)

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Continuing with Gyokko

Some images showing our last training with a technique against grabbing/strangling from behind. Enjoying the outdoors while we can! 

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Back to Gyokko Ryu

Hello people!

It has been a while since our last post. From now, we will make a special effort to post updates of our training. We are still going.

Our dojo in Cross Houses near Shrewsbury is now two years old! We are looking forward to have more students. Our current ones have improved a lot since we started, but we still have to learn and practice a lot more.

Last week we were enjoying the Muto Dori and Koku techniques from Gyokko Ryu. No matter how many time yo have done something, there are always layers and layers of knowledge there.

Until next time!

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Andrew Young Seminar – Bristol

Last Saturday we enjoyed a very special seminar with Shihan Andrew Young, head of the Onmyo Dojo in shropshire.

We work the concepts within the Daisho Sabaki during the seminar, looking at the different angles and things to bear in mind (and body) about the use of the katana and the wakishazi. although daisho coould be understood also as a pair of any long and short weapon. How to move with the daisho in their position during wartime (different from the Edo period, for example) and how to work with it and the timing, balance and distance when having it. Many ideas and concepts were mentioned and spoken. It is every individual’s work to pick them up and reflex about their meaning and applications to their own taijutsu. Very interesting to be there.

Las part of the seminar was about basics concepts of the medicine linked to our martial art, the Amatsu Tatara, that helps to understand better our body and it completes us as martial arts as a whole. It is an essential part of Budo Taijutsu that many times is overlooked.

Looking forward to the next seminar this Saturday 28th at the University of Birmingham. More information click here




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Greek experience

Hello people!

Last week our instructor Armiche went to Athens for a business trip but he had the chance to go to a training session at the Bujinkan Hellas dojo, meeting there Dimitris Konstantinou and his class.

We enjoyed variations of the Jumonji no kata in a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Their dojo is beatifully displayed and you can feel the love and the dedication within its walls. Dimitris is the best host ever and Armiche cannot praise him good enough!

It was a delight to train with such amazing bunch and we are looking forward to have another chance to train together again!

Thank you!


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Training naginata

During this year we have been training with Andy Young the naginata, a fantastic polearm that shows you a lot about your own timing, balance and footwork. It’s surprising that it is very close to the katana in many ways, especially with the use of the spine.

We have been training outdoors and it is a wonderful experience while being in nature. Also, it is nice to train with our new toy 😉






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Changes and more changes. We are moving!!!

Hello all!

We are delighted that we are moving our dojo to another place!

The classes will be at the CrossFit Shropshire, Station Cottage, Berrington, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 6EZ (very close to Cross Houses).

Sadly, this mean that we are not continuing training at Bridgnorth at the moment, but if there is enough interest in time, we would be very keen in holding training there again!

Times in the new place will be the same, Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:30pm.

We are continuing also training in Andrew Young’s dojo. Remember that it has changed location now. We are still training on Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm, but the dojo it is located at the following address: Chinese Arts & Culture Centre, E4, Stafford Park 15, Telford, TF3 3BB.

We have to be ready to constant changes! Ganbatte!

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