Andrew Young Seminar – Bristol

Last Saturday we enjoyed a very special seminar with Shihan Andrew Young, head of the Onmyo Dojo in shropshire.

We work the concepts within the Daisho Sabaki during the seminar, looking at the different angles and things to bear in mind (and body) about the use of the katana and the wakishazi. although daisho coould be understood also as a pair of any long and short weapon. How to move with the daisho in their position during wartime (different from the Edo period, for example) and how to work with it and the timing, balance and distance when having it. Many ideas and concepts were mentioned and spoken. It is every individual’s work to pick them up and reflex about their meaning and applications to their own taijutsu. Very interesting to be there.

Las part of the seminar was about basics concepts of the medicine linked to our martial art, the Amatsu Tatara, that helps to understand better our body and it completes us as martial arts as a whole. It is an essential part of Budo Taijutsu that many times is overlooked.

Looking forward to the next seminar this Saturday 28th at the University of Birmingham. More information click here




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